All-natural product that helps heal 90% of known hoof problems


Based on All-Natural Ingredients:


Its main component, betulin, is an antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and an antineoplastic agent


Proven antibacterial agent, especially beneficial in wound healing and relevant as an aid in moisturizing dry and brittle hooves.


Helps boost the immune system and complement other ingredients in their roles to promote tissue repair and strengthen the keratinization process.

Helps Fight the Following Hoof Problems:

«In racing I have seen it all, and tried many foot dressings over my 79 years. No product is as good as this. Period.»

George Handy Sr | New England, Massachusetts, USA — Hall of Fame Trainer

Happy Customers


We tried the product on my 40 horses with some major improvements.

We had one horse with actually the worst thrush I have ever seen. Within two weeks of Hoofdoctor the horse was ready to run, and he surprised us, even with previously very bad feet a month earlier, our colt won by ten lengths.

I highly recommend Hoofdoctor to anyone with thrush in Florida especially now that we have the regular flooding of barns.

Rohan Crichton | Margate, Florida, USA — Trainer at Gulfstream with High Percentage of Wins


Works very good

I received a sample from Eddie and found it great on our horses hoofs, then I realized to had an anti-fungal properties it created no scarf issues on coronet bands so we tried it on skin disease issue which we saw on one of the horses neck and 'Bingo' the Vet was amazed, every one of the hundred bumps disappeared, I think this Birch bark product has a great future.

Gustavo Amaya | Miami, Florida, USA — Trainer at Gulfstream


Quick Turnaround

I saw a very quick turnaround with a hoof of one of our horses, the lower part had no integrity due to a very debilitating thrush. The lower wall had no integrity, and both the coronet band and the hoof with pinchers was extremely painful. After just 4 days of using the Hoof Doctor I couldn't believe my eyes it was like a new horse.

Martin Vasquez | Miami, Florida, USA Blacksmith at Gulfstream


Nature knows best

Over the years trainers have used inappropriately petroleum on the hoof. This product breathes, you can tell by looking at a foot of the hoof is healthy; the changes I have seen in the color, texture and the feel of the foot shows the benefits. There seem to be more life in the foot wall. The foot also seems softer but not as if it has been sealed or overly wetted. I strongly stand behind this great product

George Handy Jr | Asheville, North Carolina, USA Horse Herbalist


A real Life Saver!

As a leading trainer in Venezuela, I saw that the industry needed to have something better for the hoofs.

My grooms tried HOOF DOCTOR, and we like this product for very much we see big big improvements

The foot looks great, This product is worth every penny. I highly recommend it to every horse owner

Gustavo Delgado | Hallandale, Florida, USA Leading Trainer in Venezuela


Amazing Product!

I bought Hoof Doctor for my quarter horse that has soft and tender front hooves and gets thrush easily. This product has greatly helped his tender foot and hardened and dried his frog. He no longer walks on eggshells. I use it on the hooves wall and underneath. I started using this product about a month ago and started applying everyday and now every three days. I am so excited that I found this natural hoof product.

Pamela C. | Kuna, Idaho, USA Horse Owner


I purchased my horse 2 and 1/2 years ago fully aware that he had a hoof condition .  He had had a split hoof and subsequently had exposed his hoof to bacteria etc.

My husband had bought me some gifts for Christmas and the hoof doctor was given to him as the owner had met me and knew i had a horse. a few weeks it was time for the farrier to trim at that time it was the first time in all this time he said his hooves were in great shape he said there was no trace of thrush and no need to pack the hoof . 

Julie Wright | Collingwood, Ontario, Canada — Horse Owner


Amazing product

I have used the Hoof Doctor for 2.5 Months on my 3 horses, one with dry crack, one with Thrush and the other one without foot issues, the cracks have grown nicely and have not returned, the thrush has gone away and the other has perfect hoofs. When put on before work, arena dirt does not stick. I would highly recommend this product for horses with problem feet or horses in a high intensity program,

I will continue using it on a daily basis

Alexandra Schenck | Delray Beach, Florida, USA


Wow! My mini is moving after 1.5 years of founder!

My mini has been struggling with founder for almost 2 years. She is trimmed every 3-4 weeks but has been very difficult to trim as her feet were so sore to stand on. I only used the Hoof Doctor 3 times before her trim and the difference was night and day. I am so excited to see her moving again and will continue to use.

Sharon | Kuna, Idaho, USA — Horse Owner

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