Hoof Doctor: Fresh reviews

The best way to know the product is listen to customers. Here are some of hundreds of reviews from the comments that we want to keep here and proudly show everyone☺️
🔥 Shari Collins Stashko
I was skeptic about this product but thought “meh, let’s try it”....... It is amazing!!! Huge difference 1 week after using it on my daughters horse who has dry cracked hooves!!!!

🔥Carly Star Lepoidvin
Incredible product. Smells like the old school good stuff that works and it doesn’t disappoint!! Drew out an abscess within 10. Hes 80% sound and pain free ! Fantastic stuff.

I'm going to reorder. This is the first product I've used on my OTTB in the five years I've owned him that I'm seeing actual results. I've used every popular dressing on the market as well as feed-through hoof supplements and never could say I saw improvement with any of them. Since his regular farrier visit almost 4 weeks ago, and despite very wet pastures here in SW Florida, this is the FIRST time he has not developed toe cracks. I'm impressed! I thought all hoof products were the same until now. I can't believe it!

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🔥Fawna Lee Abel
Love this stuff. Have barefoot horses, that run barrels. Wet and sandy soil. So can be very dry too. This has changed the health of their feet. Just ordered again. Lasts a long time. Thank you!

🔥Michael Harrison
Just to weigh in on hoof doc I have been a farrier in Florida (the swamp) I've recommended a product for years that helped a little but I've never seen anything like hoof doc. My customer purchased and used this on her freisian. Large hooves shod and shelly from the water and thrush. After my return in five weeks I couldn't believe it little to no water damage my nails still tight and his thrush dried to a 90 percent improvement. Her barefoot 20 something year old mare very little damage from water like maybe 3/8 inch which trimmed out. That being said the hooves were pliable and the water just didn't effect them. I'm sold

🔥Jon Davis
I’m a farrier in Ohio where weather is unpredictable my wife’s ware had maple leaf toxicity last fall her fevers was so high an long that her feet were horrible low sole sore foot fever cracks to where there was eventually nothing to even put a shoe on an hold but using hoof doctor I was able to get good hoof to start back an get shoes on her highly recommended thanks

🔥Kelli Bailey-Robison
This stuff is amazing!!! My mare had a nasty quarter crack at her Cornett band..started using hoof doctor and it’s legitimately grown over 2” already!!! I’m a believer and so is my farrier!

I love the Hoof Doctor! I have been using it for about a year now and all my horses. I have a quarter horses that has sensitive feet, especially in water, rain, snow and gets thrush easily. I have battled this with him for 20 years but last spring and summer I had absolutely no problems with his hooves. We recently moved to North Carolina where it is wet most of the time and I have not had any problems with his hooves since using this product. Also, I like the smell it reminds e of a campfire

🔥Felicia Lloyd
Awesome stuff! A huge difference was seen between farrier visits in both of my horses. I will definitely continue to use this product.

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I'm in LOVE with this product. I'll be buying another can soon! My tack store in Louisiana started selling it via retail, and imagine my shock when I saw it on their shelves!

🔥Courtney Allison
It’s so good...I recommend it to everyone...the price is a but painful...but not as painful as your horse having hoof issues.

🔥Nancy McGuire
I have been using this on my horses feet for a few weeks now and i am really seeing a difference. The other day i noticed one spot where he had a piece of hoof cracked and began to curl up. I added a little extra and today it laid back down and was almost repaired.
Really love this stuff! His feet look way better than they have in a long time! Im buying more!!

🔥Jo Courson Stokes
Love this stuff!! I’m on my second can. I recommended it to my trainer and now she’s using it.

🔥Dick Pritchett
I used last week for the first time on my aged gelding TWH. Amazing results after first time. Hooch had always had thrush problems and he recovered very quicklyApplied my second coating this week and can’t wait to see the improvements. Yes

🔥 Kristina Lombardi
This product is amazing , first time in 7 years combined with new hoof trimming techniques my horse has growing zero cracks from coronet area, I tried at least 30 very well advertised and marketed products , this product worth every penny .

I am on my 4th can. I have a horse that foundered that was given very little hope. I decided to use Hoof Dr., Equinity, and Form a Hoof. 14 weeks into it and he getting better everyday.

>>> you can order Hoof Doctor with free shipping here: https://bit.ly/3606dFn <<<

Best Hoof Dressing I’ve used
My Racehorses get it on them
My Dressage Horses get it on them
And my Broodmares & Foals get it used on them as well

🔥Heather Queen
I love mine. The product goes fast because I have 2 horses, but I'm getting autoship. I wish I had done before and afters. I just didn't expect the dramatic improvement.

🔥Celest Balgemann
Love it, my mares hooves would start chipping right after being trimmed, after just a couple applications of this my horses feet look great and have not chipped

🔥Pat Dickinson
Tried everything on the market for my 2 donkeys...months of this that and the other...tried this and day 1 my one donkey went sound, day 3 the other..SO HAPPY!!!

I’m using it faithfully with my 3 horses and I’ve seen a huge difference. Not as many broken away places for bacteria to get into and the hoof looks so much healthier. I’m going to continue and see how it helps mine in winter muddy months.

🔥Jan Vescelius
This stuff works!! White line, sore soles - gives them some relief right away and heals quickly. I'm impressed and will learn to love that strong smell - LOL

>>> you can order Hoof Doctor with free shipping here: https://bit.ly/3606dFn <<<

🔥Lynda Newman
I was packing my boy’s frog with gentian violet and cotton every other day for 6 weeks and continued to see frog deterioration. (As per farrier instructions)
2 weeks ago I started using Hoof Dr. I feathered it into the cavities in the frog/heel. No packing. Now there is incredible improvement!!! I am amazed. So was the vet. I have yet to show the farrier! My boy spilled 1/2 the first can. I have ordered my second!! Thank you Hoof Dr!!!

🔥Jan Hall
Because is thin, only takes a little to cover the hoof.
This horse has had bad cracks for a long time, even after giving supplements, after a week huge improvements!!
Well worth the price. Fast shipping!

We had a horse in my care with a crack just like the one on the left. He is now sound and the hoof looks so much better. I can't say enough good things about Hoof Doctor.

🔥Donna Smith
This really does work. I have a minnie who was very ouchy for a long time. Now he is sound. Thanks for this product.

🔥Laura Wellington
I don’t usually post reviews but I have to say I believe this is what has made the difference in my guy’s small full hoof cracks in his front feet. They were narrow but worried me because they were new and had been there for months. No longer visible in left and all new hoof is free of crack on the right and what remains is hard to see!

🔥Sherri Ann
I started using this on my mares bad feet , I've used everything out there! it SMELLS awful but hooves look much better in just one week ! Awesome product
This stuff stinks to the high heavens but works great. I currently have an abscess blow out and another undetermined toe crack and both are sound and healing quickly.

🔥Chuck Minzey
I had to use this on my wife’s horse, and the farrier told me we needed to boot him for awhile because his pasture was to wet , we used Hoof doctor instead and our farrier couldn’t believe it worked as fast as it did

>>> you can order Hoof Doctor with free shipping here: https://bit.ly/3606dFn <<<

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