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Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor

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I love this product

I bought this to aid in the treatment of a severe quarter crack. I took pictures, anticipate sending a success story by fall!

Amazing product

I’ve been treating a horse with negative Palmer and undergrown heels for a year. This is the only product that has helped grow heel, and rid the hoofs of cracks. Highly recommended

New Hoof Growth

Living in Florida it is a battle to keep pastured mule and donkey feet strong and healthy. My farrier tells me she sees great improvement since I started using this product. According to my farrier, Beans, my mini donkey had some hoof wall separation,I have been using Hoof Doctor, and she tells me Bean has healthy new growth!


Our Thoroughbreds feet literally fell apart in August 2020 delamination, cracking and breaking away. We removed his shoes and begun a long road of recovery. I had been seeing Hoof Doctor adds and decided to give it a try. I understand that healing takes time. We started hoof doctor twice a day for the first week and week 2 once a day. By the end of the second week we were seeing improvement but still had a long way to go. Kept treating at least 5 days a week actually cutting back to 3 times per week and currently twice per week. By December we had close to full recovery. Today his feet look amazing. Yes Hoof doctor is a little pricey considering the size of the container but a little goes far. I will only use hoof doctor now. Hoof Doctor is an amazing product. I have to say the condition of our horses feet had us very concerned but no longer. I recommend Hood Doctor to anyone who is looking for a great product that really works for hoof care. Thank You Hoof Doctor!

Miracle in a can

I can't say enough good things about hoof doctor. Literally call it miracle in a can, because that's what it is. For the longest time I struggled to fight thrush and chipped hooves. Located in southeast Texas we go from super dry weather to very wet. It's a pain. My mare especially has hooves problems, a ottb need I say more. But with hoof doctor it's helped strengthen her hooves and keep away the thrush. I'm sold on hoof doctor and won't be buying any other hoof applications. Thank you hoof doctor for creating something so beneficial to my horses.